On Bicycle Stand
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On Bicycle Stand

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  • City Bike type

  • Sports bike type

This bicycle-shaped bicycle stand also functions as a sign that anyone can read. It is designed to solve the problem of randomly parked and bunched up bicycles on streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. Placing them could create lanes of traffic to walk or ride through, create a pleasant atmosphere, and invite people to stop and look around. Material : Steel Size : W362×D58×H219mm Weight : 1.5kg Award : Good Design Award 2016 ------------ Compatibility ・ This product is designed for city bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and other lightweight bicycles. ・ Bicycles equipped with baskets, child seats, or a large front-back imbalance could cause the product to tip over, and are not recommended. ・ This product can only support tires that are 50 mm (2 in.) or smaller in width. This product may not be compatible with foldable or other bicycles with extremely small tires. Usage ・ This product is a stand to hold the front tire of a bicycle. It is designed to stand freely, but may tip due to tire radius or bicycle frame size. If the bicycle used with this product has any type of kickstand, then it should be used in addition to this product. ・ Depending on tire radius or bicycle frame size, using the stand plate may be less stable than setting the product directly on the ground. If the bicycle used with this product has any type of kickstand, then it should be used in addition to this product. ・ This product uses the bicycle spokes to help support it. Putting undue strain on the product may damage the spokes. Installation ・ The product must be installed in a flat, level place. Installing it on a slope or bumpy area may cause falling. ・ When installing the product on the ground, use anchor bolts or wood screws in accordance with the included instructions. Notes ・ Do not use the product if it is cracked, warped, or otherwise damaged. ・ Do not use the product in high winds. This could cause falling. ・ Do not mount or dismount a bicycle while the product is in use. This could cause falling or injury. ・ Though the product is coated in weather-resistant paint, rust may form due to damage or around screw holes over time. ------------ http://yumakano.com/works/on-bicycle/?lang=en